Genus Sedum “Stonecrop”

On my post yesterday My Tetramorium Queen I was remarking about the little black ants in my yard, which I thought may be Lasius, and mentioned “yellow sprawling succulents,” which I did not know the name of:

Now I see them collecting the nectar from the yellow sprawling succulents – of course, that isn’t what they are called, but you probably know the plants I am talking about, they are quite common in gardens, and they are kind of going wild in my Washingtonian yard.

These are Sedum, which is a hardy and diverse genus of succulents. There are much more – how should I put it – organized varieties of Sedum. Although these are quite decorative for gardens, my mother and I have bought these in the past, and usually, they die.

This one variety in my yard originated from my grandparents’, where I planted some in a planter with Holly, a strawberry (which barely exists now due to being smothered by the Sedum) and another tree I can’t remember now. That was… more than five years ago. When we moved back to America from Europe, we lived in my grandparents’ for a time, and when we moved out, we took the planter with us. Now it is all over our yard.

Anyway, just a clarification from my earlier post. This may be useful in a naturalistic setup, where your ants can collect nectar from the Sedum. Thanks for reading! If you do know what variety of Sedum my plants are, please tell me! Thank you for all your help!

Here are some photos of some Sedum in my yard that I transplanted from the original planter, the same that I observed the ants that I think may be Lasius on:

Sedum 1Sedum 4 Sedum 3Sedum 2

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