New book: The Fungus Growing Ants of North America by William Morton Wheeler 1907, 1973 republication

The Fungus Growing Ants of North America
Cover of my copy, the 1973 reprint. Photo taken by me.

Wonderful book, just came by post today. We ordered it from Barnes & Noble marketplace seller Better World Books and the condition was perfect! Although the copy is more than twenty years old, the pages were not even slightly yellowed.

Because the book was written in 1907, some of the terminology is quite outdated. For example, when the author talks about fungi, he refers to them as “plants” and the people who study them “botanists.”

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find how long fungi have been taxonomically separate from plants, Wikipedia and Google search did not give any answers. I’ll post when I find that out.

The book is very descriptive about the habits of Atta and other leaf-cutting species, and has a few dozen black and white photos of ants inside.

I would greatly recommend the book, especially the 1973 edition, which is very well-bound with good quality materials.

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